I can prove mathematically that no matter what, as long as you keep playing you will always end up at zero. It doesn’t matter how much you start with, you will always end up at zero.

All games at a casino can be represented by a coin toss, there is equal chance that you will win or lose. Each game is played for one unit of money. You will start with any amount of money. You must stop playing when you have no money. The casino has infinate money and will always match your bet.

As you play you can win or lose. You may win for a long time. There will always be streaks of wins and streaks of losses. These streaks can be randomly placed anywhere. At any time you will have n money, eventually you will have a losing streak of n games. This Is because as the game is played to infinity, the chances of this happening approach 100%. When it happens, you will be broke.

The only sure thing about gambling is that you will always lose in the long run.

On average, gamblers lose money, so broadly speaking it’s not a way to make money. In the few cases where people are able to reliably make money from gambling, it’s because the casino is using loss leaders or hasn’t addressed the problem yet, or because they’re money laundering. In the latter case, you’re not the likely one they intend to be winning, and you may get in trouble with dangerous people.

Business start-ups, and the stock market, are both riskier and faster ways to make money than gambling, because making money is a higher priority for them than entertainment. The bar for entry is higher, though.

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